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Egg Sucking Ice Tiger

The Egg Sucking Ice Tiger is a fly that can be tied either on a standard hook or on a leashed shank fly. In this case, the fly was tied with a clipped shank and a wire leash. The pattern is essentially an egg sucking leach, but it is tied with a cool blue barred rabbit zonker and some icey marabou. While this fly is tied for steelhead, I think it would also be a great fly to target pike, bass and tarpon.

If you don’t have a tube vise to hold the shank, you can just use the regular vise jaws, but just be careful not to put too much pressure on the hook. Another alternative for shanks would be the OPST Shank Chuck Tool.

Egg Sucking Ice Tiger

Shank: 30mm shank or #2-2/0 hook
Bead: 1/4” Fl. Fire Orange cone
Thread: Fire Orange 6/0 (140 d)
Leash: 20lb braided intruder wire
Tail: Two-tone white/blue barred zonker
Collars: Black and dark blue marabou
Flash: Junebug Flashabou 15 strands
Wing: White bucktail
Collar: Silver Dr. Blue schlappen


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Bend Back Minnow – Capt. Mel Simpson

I’m thinking the pike and musky might like these a bit too. I’m not a massive fan of craft fur for tying, but I do have to admit it looks sexy when it gets wet. I’ll be moding my fly a bit of the toothy jackals, using some Icelandic sheep and some Tuffleye on the head. Perhaps an intermediate color to separate the top and bottom. Only another 7 months before I can chase snot rockets again. Winter sucks, but at least I’ll get some flies tied.



Capt. Mel Simpson demonstrates tying his variation on the bendback fly. By adding the extra bend to the eye of the hook, the fly takes on new life in the water. A great fly for Snook and other species that feed on minnows.
Filmed at the 2010 FFF Florida Council Flyfishing Expo in Orland, FL.