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The Monster!

I was looking into tying up some big flies for broons and a future trip out to the Grand River area in Ontario. I found this interesting looking pattern. Looks like a great choice or targeting Browns, but I’m thinking the Bass and pike / musky may find some interest in this as well.

The Monster Fishing Fly

Hook: Size 2 to 6 Daiichi 2220
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Ginger Marabou
Flash: Gold Tinsel
Body: Brown Crystal Chenille Medium
Legs: Sili Legs Barred Yellow/Gold-BLK
Head: Olive/Yellow rabbit
Eyes: Red Dumbbell eyes


Skate Ratz – Skimmin the surface.

Here is something for you Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Pike and Gar hunters to give a shot. I think the trophy brookies would be interested in a closer look as well. This is a slick looking pattern tied up by Andy Burk. As always, there is some great production in the video and some easy follow instruction.