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Nightmare Musky Fly by Tony Sandrone

If you are a fan of the Game Changer by Blane Chocklett, you’re gonna love this bucktail game changer from Tony Sandrone he calls his Nightmare Musky Fly. This pattern uses a series of small shanks that give the pattern several points of articulation. No doubt that this concoction will attract some esox predators, but be prepared to spend some time and money on the materials. The fly has 2 hooks and 5 shanks in the mix. Be sure that you take care when you are handling this one or you’ll be the one with a new piercing.

Click here for the full step by step tutorial.

Nightmare Musky Fly by Tony Sandrone
Nightmare Musky Fly by Tony Sandrone

Nightmare Musky Fly pattern recipe

Shanks: 28mm Big Game Shanks or 40mm Big Game Shanks, 40lb or better bite wire for connections 1 foot
Hooks: Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger hooks in 4/0 and 6/0
Eyes: 15mm Living Eyes from the Flymen Fishing Company
Other Materials: Dyed over White Belly Hair, Bucktail, UV Polar Chenille, Hen saddle or Neck, FrankenDUB Monster Dub and Hedron Magnum Flashabou
Coatings: Deer Creek Fine Flex UV and Diamond Fine UV
Hedron Magnum Flashabou


Stan Lowe ties a Pike Fly?

Welcome to “Tie Your Own Flies with Stan Lowe”. Some things just need to be seen to be believed. Stan guides you though this “floater” pike fly pattern and shows the viewer how to properly use glue and how to avoid injury at the vise.

Stan Lowe’s Pike Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Pike
Thread: Black
Tail: White Fishair
Body: Deer hair


Youtube Channel: Samuel Johnson
Youtube Video: The Art of Fly Tying (IAC) Ep.1


Rag Dolly (Mini) by Steve Stanley of Green Mountain Troutfitters

Steve Stanley whips us a super simplified non-articulated fish grabbing version of Andreas Anderson’s Rag Doll fly pattern he calls the Rag Dolly. The fly is boiled down to the essentials and is a killer looking baitfish pattern. The fly has a high action body and tail made from craft fur and flash, combined with a more challenging aspect of fly tying, a deer head head. You’ll want to make sure you have a sharp blade to carve out the head, and some extra goopy dabs of glue to really anchor down those eyes. This should get some bucket mouths, bronze backs and snot rockets moving in for a taste.

Rag Dolly (Mini) Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: TMC U502
Thread: Danville 210 Denier
Tail: Craft Fur
Body: Craft fur & Flashabou
Head: Deer Belly Hair
Eyes: Living Eyes
Glue (Zap-a-gap) and a double sided razor blade

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Green Mountain Troutfitters Youtube page and you can find product and more info at gmtrout.com.