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Clouser Minnow tied by Peter Charles

Bob Clouser is the man behind the highly popular Clouser Minnow, a fly which is responsible for catching over 107 (as Bob tells me) species of fish from trout, to tarpon to steelhead to bass. If it chases a minnow, it will likely find interest in a Clouser Minnow. Peter Charles ties us a variation on the original that targets smallmouth, largemouth and striped bass. Peter ties this in the traditional white and chartreuse color combination and uses clear mono thread to help give some added strength to the fly. The pattern can be modified in a number of ways, but having a good grasp on the basic form is a good skill to hone.

Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Bass / Pike hook or Stainless Steel saltwater hook #4-#2/0
Thread: Danville fine monofilament
Eyes: Dumbbell (barbell) eye
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Body: White bucktail
Wing: Chartreuse bucktail
Head: Thread

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Peter Charles’s Youtube page.