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CDC Budding Beatis Emerger by Jim Misiura

The CDC Budding Beatis Emerger is the perfect little parachute dry fly to float down a narrow trout stream this spring. The fly is a little more advance for a beginner fly, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from giving it a try. The fly uses a stripped peacock herl for the abdomen. You can make these easily by either putting the herl sit in a bleach solution for a couple minutes, or using a finger or an eraser to strip away the fibers (see video below). The second hitch will be the dubbing loop and the block. If you have a set of the Marc Petitjean Magic Tools, you are golden, but you can also improvise some of your own tools with a chip clip (or a bulldog clip) and some sticky backed foam.

CDC Budding Beatis Emerger Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Fine Wire Scud #16 – #20
Thread: Olive 16/0
Shuck: Antron
Abdomen: Stripped Peacock Herl
Thorax: Olive Dubbing
Wingpost: White Foam
Hackle: Slate Grey CDC
Be sure to check out this and other videos on Jim Misiura’s Youtube page.


Parachute Adams – Leroy Hyatt

I’ve been tying up parachutes to fill up my spring box. It’s still a bit away from the opening day, but the weather outside is superb, and with almost no snow in sight, I’m looking to go fishing right away. Leroy uses moose hair for the tail, and I really like that idea, enough to go try out a few right now.

Remember, keep the dubbing light, “You’re not knitting a sweater” lol



Klinkhammer – Hans van Klinken

If you have never seen the technique Hans uses for his Klinkhammer parachute, this is for you. It is explained, drawn and photographed for you. The most difficult part of any parachute pattern is tying down the hackle. This technique makes it simple, and results in a much cleaner looking fly. Check it out!


Via – https://www.flyfishingpoint.net