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720º Vise – Parachute Mayfly

I’ve seen this vise advertised in a couple of the fly fishing magazines and was interested to just how it operates. Basically, in addition to the standard 360º jaw rotation, this vise also introduces a rotary base, allowing the tyer to spin the vise like a potters wheel. I wasn’t exactly sure how that would help a tyer, but after seeing it in action, tackling a parachute fly, it became obvious. The gallows tool comes in handy here as well, anchoring the post and creating a nice base to build the wing on. Video 1 is pretty standard stuff, check out part 2 for the magic.


Charlie's Secret Attack Midge

You will want to brush up on tying your parachute patterns before you tackle this one. The midge is a minuscule little prey item and so the hooks reflect this. Charlie Piette gets a lot of respect from me for being able to tie large stuff like Ed Ward’s Intruder to this. This fly has an orange hi-vis post that I would need in order to have any hope of seeing a take.

Click here if the video does not play