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Tying a Jelly bean scud with Barry Ord Clarke by The feather bender

The Willy Wonka of Gammarus patterns. A great looking scud pattern that is not only extremely easy to tie but also a deadly pattern for both fresh and salt water.

Hook: Mustad C49S # 6-14
Tying thread: Dyneema
Rib: Fluorescent orange tying thread
Legs: Vanilla ostrich herl
Shellback: UV resin

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Deep Dish Callibaetis by Curtis Fry

Another great pattern from Curtis Fry of Fly Fish Food. There is a detailed expalnation of the pattern here. This is a beautifully detailed little mayfly nymph, but could easily pass for Chironomid fodder in murkier waters. The ostrich herl tied in on the body should give the fly some amazing movement in the water. It’s a new pattern developed by Curtis which has already claimed a number of hefty trout.

Hook: Daiichi 1150 #12 – #18
Bead: Tungsten, Gray sized to hook
Thread: 70 Denier Tan
Tail: Lemon Wood Duck feathers
Body: Tan ostrich herl over UTC pearl mylar
Over-Body: UTC Holo-Tinsel, copper
Thorax: Yellow-Tan Arizona Synthetic Dubbing
Legs: Rootbeer Krystal Flash
Wing-Case: Brown Thin Skin, Black holographic tinsel coated with Clear Cure Goo Hydro