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The Jersey Herd

this is a cool looking fullback style fly presented by Mr. Dave Cammiss. Dave presents some of the history of this pattern in the video along with some great instruction. The name Jersey Herd has interesting roots and the story that goes along with this fly is quite interesting. This video is number 17 in Dave’s Learn Fly Tying beginners series.


How it’s Done – Oliver Edwards

It’s been a bit since the last post, but we recently added a new member to our family that has been keeping me quite busy. I’m sneaking in an entry while the little lad sleeps one off. A friend recently send me some stellar Edwards patterns to view and I wanted to share his take on a basic and effective nymph pattern. Edwards has a great little tip at the end for adding subtle weight to the fly which is an interesting touch. I like to add add6-8 legs on my own PTN’s but I do like the look of Mr. Edwards finished fly. These flies are great for trout, grayling and other insectivore species.

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Electric Emergent Sparkle Pupa

Here is another great video from the good folks at Rise Form Studio. Resident thread man John Collins twists up a new take on one of the legend, Gary Lafontaine’s classic patterns, the Emergent Sparkle Pupa. It’s said that John came up with the electric style of patterns a few years ago and that the results on the water speak for themselves. The video features a short tutorial on how to prep the wire need for the Electric style flies and it can be applied to any nymph pattern. The heavy hook and electric wire help to fish it deep, the way the Trout like it. Grab something fizzy and cold and enjoy.

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