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Fly Tying: Brian Wise’s Wiggle Stone by Flymen Fishing Company

Fly Tying: Brian Wise’s Wiggle Stone

Learn to tie this next-generation stonefly…

Being known as a pretty major streamer lover, I often get lumped into the crowd that only ties big, gnarly streamers. But I’m also a fly fishing guide, and not everyone enjoys throwing streamers on 8-weight rods with sinking line all day, so nymphing is a huge part of my guiding.

The Wiggle Stone is my standard when nymphing deep in a stream where stoneflies live. As with any Stonefly pattern, the most important question is “How quick does it get to the bottom” and with the Nymph-Head Evolution Stonefly tungsten beadhead, this pattern goes straight to the bottom and into the strike zone.

Fly Recipe
Hook: Kona Nymph Streamer 2XL (NS2), size #6 (http://bit.ly/2GJlBvr)
Antennae: Sili-Legs
Bead Head: Nymph-Head Evolution Stonefly tungsten beadhead, brown, size large (http://bit.ly/2zoYEos)
Underbody: .025 Lead Wire
Tail: Sili-Legs
Ribbing: Mono Thread
Case: U.V. Chewee Skin
Wax: Loon High Tack Swax
Body: Wiggle Dubbing (in a dubbing loop)

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New Nymph Head Patterns Posted

Woot! 20 new patterns are now posted up on Flymen Fishing Co. The patterns are the flies featured on the Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal and FlyColor™ retail packaging. you can check out all the patterns here (Flymen Fishing Co)

Ed Berg's Caddis Larva
Ed Berg's Caddis Larva

Ed Berg’s Caddis Larva
Hook: #10 scud TMC 2488 or Dai-Riki 125
Bead: Mayfly Brown color 1/8” Nymph-Head Heavy Metal™ tungsten bead
Thread: 3/0 white
Body: Rainy’s Large natural Round Rubber Legs
Body Coating: Softex clear flexible coating



Black Ribbed Scud

We just finished enjoying the newest tying footage posted by our friends at Rise Form Studios. The first episode we want to share is Episode 34 which features resident twine binder John Collins twisting up a Black Ribbed Scud. John ties up the grey colored version in the video, but it is highly recommended to round out the selection by adding a full range of colors including flies tan, olive, orange and pinks. You can also weight these with lead wire or a bead (Have your tried out the new Nymph Head beads?). Make sure you have a few of these in your box and enjoy the video.