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Christmas Chironomid (Xmas Chronie) Fly Pattern

Merry Christmas Fly Tyers! The X-mas Chronie was designed by Mike (Doc) Monteith from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Mike invented this pattern at a Flies ‘N’ Beer night, a monthly event held by members of the Northern Light Fly Fishers and Tyers.

The fly is a good representation of the Green Red Butt Chironomid Pupa that occurs in the ponds and lakes of Alberta and BC. Mike had a hunch this would be a killer fly for the local lakes and sure enough, the first trip out to Muir Lake proved the hunch correct.

Christmas Chironomid Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s
Bead: Black brass
Thread: Black 8/0 (70d)
Butt: Red holo tinsel
Rib: Fine copper wire
Body: Green holo tinsel
Thorax: Peacock herl
Coating: Hard as Nails or Bone Dry

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