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Don's Delight – Carrie Stevens

Another Carrie Stevens fly is up for auction one my favorite auction site. There have been a number of her flies surface in the past couple months on various auction sites, some going for more than $400 a piece. Those prices may be out of the range of the average collector, but there are lots of options available for anyone wanting to start a collection of flies. Check the auction sites for other notable tyers and you’ll be surprised just how affordable some of the flies can be. Better yet, attend the fly tying show, and seminars and you may get a couple free flies for watching a demo.

Don's Delight - Carrie Stevens
Don's Delight - Carrie Stevens

The auction is by Bob and Daves Auctions and on their own auction site they have a few other interesting bits up for auction.

Deb Durand Streamer || Paul Whillock Cockroach || Don Bastian Wets || Mike Martinek Streamer

Check it out.


Mike Martinkek Jr. Streamers on Ebay

It pains me to share this as I’m thinking these would be a great addition to my collection, but I have a feeling one “-(flytyer)-” will end up snatching this one… again. Anyhow, I found 2 of Mikes flies signed and framed up for bids on eBay this week. They are set fairly reasonably right now around the $20-$30 mark. Luckily I got my Women in Waders calendar from a friend yesterday to help soothe these pains.

Dr. Burke Streamer 1995

Mike Martinek Jr. Dr. Burke Streamer

The Super Blue 1990

Mike Martinek Jr. The Super Blue Streamer

Happy Bidding 🙂