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Sulphur Para-emerger – Don Bastian

While Don is best known for his fantastic classic wet flies and streamers, he is also an accomplished tyer on a commercial scale. He has begun to present patterns on his blog that stray from his traditional offerings. The beginning of a wonderful library of trout patterns in beginning to emerge, and this latest really has me wanting to hit the vise. Don has some wonderful descriptions of the materials listed in the blog post, and what I like best about this parachute is the way the post is tied in. The little bump of foam before the post will really make sure this thing floats well.

Sulphur Para-emerger - Don Bastian
Sulphur Para-emerger - Don Bastian

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Todd’s Hex Nymph – Todd Nutt

I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone trim out their chenille, but I like the idea. This is a pretty simple pattern for a large Hex nymph. Nicely tied up by Todd Nutt of MaineFlyFish.com

Todd's Hex Nymph - Todd Nutt

Hook: Daiichi 1760 #4
Thread: 8/0 yellow
Eye: Beadchain eye
Tail: Ringneck pheasant tail
Body: Tan chenille
Thorax: Yellow rabbit dubbing
Whingcase: Ringneck pheasant tail
Legs: Brown hen hackle