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Tape Wing Caddis – Oliver Edwards

I love fishing caddis flies and I’m big on the history of patterns as well. Oliver Edwards presents a wonderful account of the progression of this pattern and presents a killer caddis dry fly. The fly also employs the split thread dubbed body using the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool. Be sure to use a thread that you can split easily like UTC. Uni can be split, but is a bit more difficult. The end result is a bit of a fluffy looking caddis, but I can see how the silhouette will be quite effective on the trout streams.

Hook: size 12, 14 or 16 wide gape hook
Thread: Flat 8/0 thread you can split
Body: CDC spun in a loop with sparse dubbing
Wing: cdc dubbing and tape
Thorax: CDC spun in a loop


MP Bobbin Demo

I got to play around with this bobbin a few months ago and really liked the features it offered. The tension and threading ease is wonderful for someone like me who seems to break a lot of thread. You can basically thread this bobbin with your eyes closed it’s so easy. I like Marc’s products. He has a unique approach to fly tying and has some incredible ingenuity. Oh, and the built in dubbing loop feature, genius.


Caddis – Marc Petitjean

I’ve watched Marc tie on a couple of occasions and have always been impressed with the speed and purposefulness of each wrap. This video shows a couple of great little tricks that he uses including the split thread dubbing, wrapped CDC body and the use of the Magic Tool.

Click here to watch on TWF

Marc Petitjean CDC Caddis
Marc Petitjean CDC Caddis