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Savieur – Marc Madore

Marc ties up a beautiful fly. I recently had a bit of a conversation with Marc about wing construction on streamers and he had an interesting take on it. Tying stiff materials at the bottom of the wing and longer softer materials on the top. Reason being is to keep the fly from spinning in the current. I have to try out this theory with a few of my own flies. Marc has a ton of experience on the water and so it will be interesting to see how this works out for me. Enjoy



Green Machine Modern vs Traditional

The Green Machine was born on the world famous Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada. The original version was basically some spun green deer hair and a brown hackle. Today, the fly is one of the most popular salmon flies (bugs) in New Brunswick for fishing Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi River. Here is a look at the standard as tied by one of my favorite tyers, Marc Madore.

Here is the modern version of the Green Machine tied on tubing and utilizing super glue, UV glue and some flash. There are some great tips in here for tying well built tube flies. I would suggest using a proper mandrel rather than a needle as you can get better torque on the hair when you spin it.

Here is one more version that is worthy to note (and quite popular as well).

Tight lines.



Blue Willow – Marc Madore

More from Marc Madore. Here is a great 2 part video of Marc tying up a Blue Willow spey. There are some great tips included for building bodies, wrapping the hackle and setting the wings. Check out Marc’s other video offerings up on youtube.