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Canadian Hopper – Donald “Chubby” McChubbin

How can you not love the nickname Chubby. This is a simple hopper pattern for the late summer and into the fall. This won’t float like the foam hoppers, but should present as a nice drowned hopper. It should be good for some hard heavy takes just below the surface.

Hook: Hopper 3xl curved shank #1270
Thread: 6/0 yellow
Tail: Red hackle fibers
Body: Orange wool
Rib: Yellow floss
Wing: Turkey quill
Head: spun and clipped deer body hair


Trout Rock Series – Normand Frechette

Normand Frechette of the Flytying: New and Old blog has put together a killer compilation of Bert Quimby’s Trout rock series. the series includes 6 streamers and Norm has some serious skill behind the vise. The flies are gorgeous. Click here to view all six flies. Be sure to bookmark Norm’s site http://flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com

Trout Rock #1 designed by Bert Quimby
Trout Rock #1 designed by Bert Quimby

Trout Rock #1
Tail: Red hackle fibers
Rib: Silver tinsel
Body: Black floss
Wing: Black over white bucktail
Shoulder: Jungle cock