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Tape Wing Caddis – Oliver Edwards

I love fishing caddis flies and I’m big on the history of patterns as well. Oliver Edwards presents a wonderful account of the progression of this pattern and presents a killer caddis dry fly. The fly also employs the split thread dubbed body using the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool. Be sure to use a thread that you can split easily like UTC. Uni can be split, but is a bit more difficult. The end result is a bit of a fluffy looking caddis, but I can see how the silhouette will be quite effective on the trout streams.

Hook: size 12, 14 or 16 wide gape hook
Thread: Flat 8/0 thread you can split
Body: CDC spun in a loop with sparse dubbing
Wing: cdc dubbing and tape
Thorax: CDC spun in a loop


CDC Green McKenzie Caddis

I’m spending the day filling up some large holes in my dry fly box. I’m thinking that this little beauty will find a few slits to call home. It’s been a really long winter and I need to hit some familiar water soon. The video features Marc Petitjean’s new bobbin with a built in dubbing loop as well as his magic tool. I’ll be tying these a bit smaller and I’ll probably not use the magic tool, but the foam body and CDC should be a good combo. Tight Lines.