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Tying the Root Beer Leech (Jack Simpson)

I tie the Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm a little bit different from the ones from Jan Nemec, but they are essentially the same pattern. The chartreuse and black variation are referred to as the Northern Lights color. It’s a good choice for fishing water where the clarity isn’t optimal. You get a pop of color and a great looking silhouette streaming through the water.

This simple fly comes from BC fly tyer Jack Simpson. The fly is really quite simple but has given Jack one memorable day back in 2009, helping him land an 18 lb rainbow trout.

The fly uses silver lined glass seed beads. Use the larger size 8/0 beads for sizes 8-10 and 10/0 for smaller hook sizes.

Fish this fly from late fall to early spring, just after ice off. The fly fishes well over weed beds and along reeds near shore. It is also a good choice for an ice fishing fly.

Root Beer Leech Fly pattern recipe

Hook: C53s #8-14
Thread: 6/0 Camel brown
Head: Red glass seed bead
Body: Rootbeer glass seed beads (4-5)
Tail: Marabou (black, brown and burnt orange)
Glue: hard as nails or Solarez

If you like this pattern, check out the California 420 Leech.


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California 420 Leech by Fly Fish Food

The California 420 leech is a dank and wiry stillwater leech pattern which uses the aptly named California 420, a new blend of Arizona Mega Simi Seal dubbing. The dubbing has a base of what looks to be a dun olive and has some accents of black and red, killer colors for leech fly patterns. The “Mega” dubbing has longer fibers, and is great for leeches where you can use a dubbing loop for the body and brush it out like the DDH Leech for instance.

California 420 Leech fly pattern recipe

Hook: TMC 5263
Bead: Metallic olive tungstun with lead behind bead
Thread: Olive UNI 6/0
Tail: Coq De Leon Hen yellow chartreuse w/ rootbeer Krystal Flash
Body: Arizona Mega Simi Seal California 420
Collar: Coq De Leon Hen yellow chartreuse

You can subscribe to Curtis Fly and Fly Fish Food on Youtube and visit Fly Fish Food for more info on the pattern and materials to tie a few up.


Dubbing Brush Egg Sucking Leech – Norm Norlander

I’ve given the Nor-vise a whirl before, but it didn’t really fit me so well. Like anything, you have to give it a try to see if it is for you, and after seeing this video, I will need to revisit it. I do a lot of production tying, but most of the patterns I tie don’t really require the spinning the Norvise offers, but there are a few places it would really come in handy. This ESL is really sweet, and the techniques shown look incredible. So, for this is for all the Norvise fans and those thinking about one. I love the ingenuity Norm shows with the dubbing brush set-up, now that would be handy to have. Enjoy.