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Edwards – Tying The Rhyacophila Larva

Wow, another Oliver Edwards gem has just surfaced. I’m just back from vacation in Maui and trying to adjust to the time change again. It’s only 6 hours, but it’s causing me to sleep into noon and to stay up all hours of the night tying flies.

This 2 part pattern features Mr. Edwards tying up another “simple” pattern. The Rhyacophila Larva, aka Green Rock Worm may be used effectively on most any stream. Mr. Edwards video features a semi-realistic version that actually looks not too difficult to tie.

Part 1

Click here if video does not play

Part 2

Click here if video does not play

We’ll be putting up more videos from Mr. Edwards over the next couple weeks. Here is the first video we featured of his Cased Caddis.