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Pink Rainbow Warrior | Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing by Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing by Walter Wiese

Pink Rainbow Warrior | Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing

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The Pink Warrior is a color variant of Lance Egan’s Rainbow Warrior that works well as an alternative fly to the Pink Lightning Bug on Montana’s Missouri River in “pink fly season,” late November through early May. Fish it as a dropper with something heavier and larger, for example the AMEX Czech Jig I posted several weeks ago.

Full recipe and fishing tips at Walter’s blog at https://ift.tt/2GOmQZa

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Egan’s GTI Caddis from Lance Egan FlyFishFood

This heavily weighted caddis fly will make a good fly pattern to use as a point or anchor fly. The caddis includes a “wingcase” which sets it apart from the usual caddis. The tail is a simple nub of peacock herl, but I love the addition and think it will help attract a few more fish. The double ribbing (standard and reverse wrapped) will really help with the durability of the fly as well. Lance has a ton of subtle tying tips included in the video, so take notes, this will help to improve your own fly tying skills.

Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Hanak 300 #12
Bead: 3mm tungsten gold
Weight: Lead 0.015 10-15 wraps
Thread: 70D UTC Olive
Tail: 2 peacock herls
Rib: 6x tippet mono & olive crystal flash
Body: Haretron olive dubbing
Thorax: Peacock dubbing
Wingcase: Scud back Summer duck


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