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Tying a Flashback Seal Scud

The Flashback Seal scud has gone through a lot of changes in my flybox over the years. I’ve added the UV coating over the back flash as well as using a multicolored dubbing blend rather than a monotone one. It is in spring and fall when the scuds are at their peak populations in ponds and lakes. There are 2 main families of scuds fly tyers and anglers need to be aware of, the larger gammerus and the smaller hylella. Gammerus scuds can be in the size 8-12 range while the hylella scuds tend to grow into sizes 14-18.

I hand blend the dubbing for this fly using olives, brown, and a touch of claret. I like the mix of color better than a straight monotone budding. You can blend up larger quantities to use later if you wish. For larger batches, I recommend using a couple of pet grooming tools to mix up larger batches and store them in a small sealable bag marked with the ratios you used. If you do not have legal access to seal dubbing, you can try a coarse dubbing like Simi seal, Antron or trilobal synthetics. If you want to, you can add the orange spot to the midsection of the scud. this orange spot represents either an Acanthocephalan parasite or a pregnant scud. These orange spots may be a trigger for trout to pick a scud out of the pack.

Flashback Seal Scud Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Scud hook like Firehole 315 #10-16
Weight: 0.025 lead or no-lead wire
Thread: Olive 8/0 (70 denier)
Tail: 8 strands crystal flash
Shellback: Pearl Flashabou (10) and UV Flex
Ribbing: Gold wire
Body: Seal dubbing Olive, brown, claret blend or Antron or Simi seal

Flashback Seal Scud
Flashback Seal Scud


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