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California 420 Leech by Fly Fish Food

The California 420 leech is a dank and wiry stillwater leech pattern which uses the aptly named California 420, a new blend of Arizona Mega Simi Seal dubbing. The dubbing has a base of what looks to be a dun olive and has some accents of black and red, killer colors for leech fly patterns. The “Mega” dubbing has longer fibers, and is great for leeches where you can use a dubbing loop for the body and brush it out like the DDH Leech for instance.

California 420 Leech fly pattern recipe

Hook: TMC 5263
Bead: Metallic olive tungstun with lead behind bead
Thread: Olive UNI 6/0
Tail: Coq De Leon Hen yellow chartreuse w/ rootbeer Krystal Flash
Body: Arizona Mega Simi Seal California 420
Collar: Coq De Leon Hen yellow chartreuse

You can subscribe to Curtis Fly and Fly Fish Food on Youtube and visit Fly Fish Food for more info on the pattern and materials to tie a few up.


Black & Grizzly Snatcher Fly by Krystian Niemy

Black & Grizzly Snatcher Fly by Krystian Niemy
Black & Grizzly Snatcher Fly by Krystian Niemy

The Black & Grizzly Snatcher is a proven lake pattern which has been a consistent producing fly when trout are feeding near the surface of the water. Kristen ties this pattern on a curved shank barbless hook, but any curved shank hook, like the Mustad Signature C49S or TMC 2457, should work well. The pattern was designed to mite large emerging chironomids from the Scottish lochs, but the pattern will work great in North American slitters just as effectively. Cast the fly using a dry line and use a slow retrieve as you would with any chironomid. You can visit flies-stepbystep.com to see the complete sequence of tying steps.

Black & Grizzly Snatcher Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Dohiku 644 no. 12 (barbless) or similar scud hook
Thread: Black UNI 8/0
Tag: UTC 140 fl. pink
Body: Black UNI Stretch
Hackle: Grizzly
Rib: UNI Soft Wire
Collar: Black hackle feather

Visit flies-stepbystep.com to see the complete sequence of tying steps and make sure to check out Krystian’s other patterns.


Spratley Hatch

A while back I did up a tutorial on how to tie the Doc Spratley. I was tying up a few to replace my bare spots in my streamer box and thought you might like this pattern.

“The pattern was named after Dr. Donald A. Spratley of Washington, and first appeared in the collection of patterns called “Flies of the Northwest”, compiled by the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. The pattern was developed by Dick Prankard around 1949 and named the Doc Spratley after a visit from the doctor in Dick’s fly shop during the flies creation. It’s been said that the Dr. was somewhat saddened that his name became best known for a fly pattern and not for his work as a dentist, which he had devoted his life to.”

Click here to view the tying tutorial.

Doc Spratley Streamer