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Banksia Bug – Jay Zimmerman

This is a really cool little bug with a segmented abdomen, accentuated with a dollop of Knot Sense. I’m sure you could use any of the similar UV resins on the market to get the same effect. The fly looks incredible wet (and hanging off the jaw of a nice little brownie), the ostrich is a great feature on the thorax. it’s a beautiful fly I’d love to tie up if I can find where I left that UV light.


Banksia Bug (formerly known as the Patchouli Pupa)

“I began tying this fly to imitate the masses of free-living caddis larva in all my home waters here in Colorado and elsewhere in trout streams all over the West. I have rarely found good commercially available flies that can fill this niche. And its a very productive flyprobably because this particular caddis larva is a notoriously poor swimmer, often getting swept away in the current, making it an easily recognizable food organism and makes up a large portion of a trouts diet.”

“I have found this pattern to work well in rivers with an abundance of small to medium-size stonefly nymphsleading me to believe my fly is suggestive enough for trout to mistake it for any number of long-bodied aquatic insects. With this in mind, I am now using this fly in lakeswith equal success! I was hoping it could double as a case maker caddis larva, but have found it works exceptionally well in lakes with a lot of active damselflies.” — Jay Zimmerman