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How to Tie an Intruder Steelhead Fly Tying by Kevin Hospodar

How to Tie an Intruder Steelhead Fly Tying

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From Kevin Hospodar:
“A different take on an intruder. Materials with a lot of movement and very little bulk. The shank and some medium eyes with these materials will help to get it t down and fishing.”

– 35mm waddington shank http://bit.ly/2USMX4l
– z4 intruder hook http://bit.ly/2tf20JL
– Medium brass eyes
– pink frosty dubbing http://bit.ly/2UPJGCL
– UV peacock eyes
– Pink Schlappen
– Lagartun French Flatbriad
– Arctic fox – blue
– black schlappen
– blue flash
– pink hackle tips
– Tip dyed marabou


Pheasant Tail Catgut Nymph | Fly Tying for Trout by Kevin Hospodar

The pheasant tail nymph is probably the most (or top 3) most popular nymphs in fly fishing. It is simple, effective, and mimics a wide range of trout food. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel on this, just a swap on some materials to add some simplicity while maintaining the effectiveness.

Hook – Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme sz 10 – http://bit.ly/2ADCBO3
Thread – Lagartun 95D copper
Tail – Pheasant tail fibers
Body – Catgut – http://bit.ly/2SOnZmd
Thorax – Brown Deer Hair Dubbing – http://bit.ly/2ADCCS7
Wing case – Lagartun French flat braid

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Emerald Shanker by Kevin Hospodar

Kevin’s Emerald Shanker is a perfect little fly to swing through a pool of great lakes steelhead. The black and chartreuse color combination is a personal favorite for fishing tributaries of Lake Ontario. It’s a simple pattern and easy to modify to suit your needs.

Kevin ties this pattern in a few different variations including versions with weighted barbell eyes and an added grizzly hackle in the wing. I can’t wait to swing this one.

Emerald Shanker fly pattern recipe

Shank: 25mm Waddington shank w/ 20lb wire
Thread: 6/0 black
Leash: Firewire
Hook: Partridge z4 Intruder Hook #4
Body: Gold braid (Krenik)
Wing: Chartreuse and black fox
Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black


Youtube Channel: Kevin Hospodar
Video Link: Suskwa Poacher
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