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Ant Acid – Galloup

Here is another pattern from The Weekly Fly and Kelly Galloup. As always, Kelly does a great job explaining the methods behind the fly and offers a good demonstration about using the right amount of dubbing, something we all often use too much of. This is an ant pattern by name, but looks like a perfect pattern to try out where caddis or sedge lurk.


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Butch Caddis – Kelly Galloup

While Kelly is well know for the streamers he ties, I was really impressed with his Butch Caddis. There is a wealth of information contained in this video as Kelly explains a few tips on selecting deer hair and his insights into the pattern. It just makes sense to use the “butt” ends of the hair for flotation. While it is not as pretty looking, it will float much better as the butts are hollow and the tips solid. The name Butch comes from the cut of the deer hair, but when I was growing up, we called this a Brush Cut. Can’t wait to try this one.

Click here to view the video courtesy of The Weekly Fly.

Kelly Galloup - Butch Caddis
Kelly Galloup - Butch Caddis

Sex Dungeon

I can just imagine who’s going to visit the site once the keywords Sex Dungeon get into Google for this site. Here is a wallpaper of a Kelly Galloup fly called the “Sex Dungeon”. Kelly has some great pattern with some even more creative names including the Zoo Cougar and the Heifer Groomer. Here is a downloadable wallpaper from Fly Fusion Magazine for your desktop.

Sex Dungeon

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