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Improved Beatis Nymph by Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup ties (eventually) a version of his Improved Beatis Nymph fly pattern. Kelly is a great speaker, and he could fill a book talking about a single fly, so it’s not surprising that a fly that takes about 3 minutes to tie needs a ten minute introduction. But those 10 minutes are gold, and Kelly lays out some serious knowledge about tying and fishing beats patterns. If you want to jump straight to the action, skip ahead to about the 10 minute mark, but just know that you are missing out on some premium tips.

The fly is a small one, 18 being a larger beats pattern, and is designed to be fished with weight on the line rather than the fly. The pattern uses a minimum of materials, and thankfully it’s quick to tie because these things are easy to lose in bushes, on rocks or just dropping them on the ground. You can switch out the colors on the pattern to mimic other species of mayflies as well. The UV is the real brilliance of the pattern, and Kelly sights it as the more important component of this fly.

Improved Beatis Nymph fly pattern recipe

Hook: Dai-riki 305 #16-26 or standard dry fly hook
Thread: Burgundy 8/0 or finer (or choice of color)
Tail: Pheasant tail (3 fibers)
Body: Pheasant tail wrapped
Wingcase: Peacock herl
Gills: UV pearl ice dubbing or Senyo Laser Dub white
Thorax: Ice Dub black peacock
Head: Thread

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Galloup’s Articulated Fat Head – Brian Wise

Here is another BAF Kelly Galloup streamer from the flyfishingtheozarks.com crew. Another great production video with pretty easy to follow tying. This will likely not make it to my fly box until the fall, and it will be tied up in a few colors, yellow, black, olive an white.

Rear Hook: Umpqua U301
Thread: 6/0 yellow / olive
Tail: Yellow marabou
Body: Palmered marabou (all the way up the hook)
Wing: Tied flat lemon wood duck flank
Connection: Coated wire or heavy line
Beads: Red beads
Front Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger
Gills: Red metallic Flashabou
Front Body: Palmered yellow marabou
Wing: Tied flat lemon wood duck flank
Head: Deer belly hair spun and trimmed


Sex Dungeon – Brian Wise ties up a Kelly Galloup BAF

Great video production and some killer underwater footage of the fly swimming. Kelly is quite ingenious when it comes to naming flies but it can result is some interesting search results on google, and probably a few disappointed folks when they see a fly. Browns, and pike alike should devour this big ass fly.

Rear hook
Hook: Stinger #2
Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier
Tail: Marabou
Hackle: Sclappen palmered
Legs: Silli legs

Front Hook
Hook: Bass Bug hook #2
Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier
Eyes: Barbell eyes tied under the shank
Connection: heavy mono or coated wire w/ several silver lined beads *tie this in well, using lots of wraps of thread, and folding over the wire and tying it down. Use some cement here.
Body: Cactus chenille
Hackle: Sclappen palmered
Legs: Silli legs
Head: Deer belly packed and trimmed