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Collector Flies on Ebay

You’ll need to act quick on these as they are ending soon.

One of my favorite sellers famoustyers1942 has a nice selection of vintage hooks, books and flies up for auction right now. Included in the selection are flies by the Dettes, Fulsher, Rosborough, Cross, Veverka, Troth and many more. There is also a nice collection of Allcock hooks up for bid. Check out all the selections from famoustyers1942.

Fulsher – Rainbow Trout Thundercreek

Fulsher Rainbow Trout

Stan Bogdan “Steelhead #50” Reel

Stan Bogdan Steelhead 50 Reel

Al Troth’s “Montana” Collection

al troth collection

A rare copy of the Carrie Stevens Memorial brochure. I would love to have this in my collection.

Carrie Stevens Brochure


swede16 is another one of my favorite sellers and always has some great collectible flies. Keep him on your book marked list to have a chance at some great streamers and eastern flies.

Wendell Folkins Blue Charm

Wendell Folkins Blue Charm


Fulsher, Stevens and Rosborough on Auction

Just a quick post to let you know about a couple nice finds.

1. Kieth Fulsher – Brook Trout: This is a Lew Oatman pattern tied up by the Thunder Creek series master. This fly looks to be in excellent condition. It is interesting to note the fly is tied on a straight eye hook like Kieth uses for his Thunder Creek series.

2. Carrie Stevens – Unknown This is an interesting pattern, and one I have no idea about the name. I’ve taken a look through my Carrie Stevens references with no luck. I do know there are a large number of patterns never given specific names in her early days, and this may be one of those. Still on the card, and it looks to be in good shape. I wish the photos were a bit better as the dark areas don’t look great on here. Either way, a great little slice of history.

Carrie Stevens - Unknown

3. Polly Rosborough – Steelhead Pattern I’d love to be able to add a few of Polly’s nymphs to my collection, but this little steelhead pattern might do nicely.

Polly Rosborough - Steelhead Pattern

Happy bidding.


Hooks and Flies on Ebay

I picked up some of these hooks not too long ago and love tying flies on them. they are old, and hard to come by, but just prefect for the long streamers. 9 boxes of Allcock 1810 size 12 hooks! What a find, I’m not sure about the value, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go above 200.

Allcock 1810 hooks size 12

Allcock 1810 hooks size 12

Here is a bit of a plug for my new project set to launch on the new year. Streamers 365 will feature a range of feather-wing streamers tied some of the most talented streamer tyers. This is just one for fun, and any funds raised from the sale go towards some great causes.

Golden Darter Streamer

Golden Darter Streamer

I’m considering a bit on this Bert Quimby streamer as well. The pattern isn’t listed, and the photo is poor, but it looks like it’s red and white, perhaps a Parmachene Belle. the seller guesses it may be a Col. Bates, but it doesn’t look at all like that to me. This would be a great addition to any collection.

Bert Quimby Streamer

Bert Quimby Streamer

This is another I have been hunting for with no luck.

Keith Fulsher – Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout

Keith Fulsher - Thunder Creek Rainbow Trout

Also check out these great finds!
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George Grant 5 Featherback Nymphs Boxed
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