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Meal Ticket – Brian Wise

I’m loving the series of videos that Brian Wise from Fly Fishing the Ozarks has been creating out the past while. They have some great sound tracking and some really interesting flies from the likes of Kelly Galloup and Mike Schmidt, two innovative fly designers.

Back Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #2
Body – EP Sparkle Brush
Tail/Wing – Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip
Legs – Crazy legs
Articulation Point – Beadalon
Spacer – Glass Bead

Front Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s
Eyes – Lead Eyes
Body – EP Sparkle Brush
Wing – Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip
Legs – Crazy legs
Head – Wool


The Wiggle Vulgata / Danica Nymf – Ulf Hagström

I’ve admired the flies that come off of Ulf’s vise for some time. He ties some mean realistics and some very functional semi-realistic flies. I was browsing the streamer list last night and found Ulf’s site via a link to a Wiggle Baitfish, another cool looking pattern. Be sure to look around the blog and check out all the cool patterns contained within.

danica nymf ulf

Click here to view the tutorial for the Wiggle Vulgata

Thanks to Chris Del Plato for the link to Ulf’s blog. We’ll be placing a link on the sidebar to Ulf’s blog as well. Check out the rest of his flies.


Articulated Sculpin

Jointed flies are becoming more and more popular because they offer something traditional flies can’t; realistic or exaggerated movement. This sculpin is tied up by Erik Rambo in a great step by step sequence. I would change the size of the back hook to a shorter shank hook if I try tying this one. The shorter hook will offer a better hook rate than the longer shanked hooks. By using the shorter shank hooks, the fly works more like a tube fly, allowing you to tie a large fly and use a short shank.

You can find the tying instructions on Quest Outdoors here.

Articluated Scilpin tied by Erik Rambo
Articluated Scilpin tied by Erik Rambo