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Thompson Spey Intruder

Click here for the step by step tutorial

With the popularity of the two handed rods and spey casting, intruder style flies are becoming more and more popular. The Intruder style of tying offers the fly tyer lots of room for interpretation. The flies are usually sparse along the shank with long flowing hackles used to give the pattern volume. Intruders are tied to represent shrimp, and prawns, so using materials with long flowing hackle helps to trigger the feeding instincts of Steelhead returning from the salt. Some materials that are commonly used in the construction of the Intruder are Rhea, Guinea Fowl, Ostrich, Lady Amherst tail, Polar Bear, polar chenille, marabou, schlappen, dyed white peacock and Blue Eared Pheasant.  

Phil Rowley has put together a nice tutorial based on a pattern from BC’s Scott Baker-McGarva. Phil offers an informative look at the construction and history of the Intruders. He also dives into some deeper detail on some of the materials used for tying these spey flies.

Thompson Style Intruder


Tying an Intruder Speystyle Tube

Picked up from a search on Youtube. Here is a fly tied by Charlie Piette from Tight Lines FF Co. He’s tying up an Ed Ward’s Intruder. The Inturder style flies are really cool to tie, but the fact of the matter is that there just isn’t enough Spey fly content out there in video form yet. Take this as a hint to get out the hd cams, digital cams or even your camera phone and start shooting some Spey fly tying footage and post it to one of the video serving sites out there. Let’s see those traditional Speys, Dees, Intruders, conversions, Violators, Penetrators, Interloopers  and prowlers. 

Here is Charlie’s fly. Enjoy.