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Tina Intruder Tube – José “Pepefly” Borzi

José “Pepefly” Borzi has an interesting take on the Intruder here with an all orange design. Most interesting, to me at least, is the use of a whole rhea feather for the hackle. It will really give the fly some interesting movement in the water, but I do see a couple problems using the feather this way. For one, the feathers are on the expensive side, so to ensure the fly remains durable, I would reinforce the hackled rhea with a reverse wrapped wire. Secondly, when the fly gets wet, the rhea will collapse somewhat onto itself. To remedy that, I think a thick dubbed body might help the rhea stand out more, after all, the whole point of the style is to create the illusion of a big fly with as little material as possible. Perhaps the different target species may play a roll in the fly construction as well. Even with that said, I do like the fly and love seeing the flies from South America.


Live Action Intruder Fly

Here is a little gem of video off of Youtube. 2 actually. These shots are of the underwater movements of the Intruder style flies. This guys actually has a bit of a series going on underwater flies and it’s interesting to note how some of the materials behave underwater. I’d love to see more videos in this series, just up the tempo of the music please.