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Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy by Mid-Life Flysis

Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy

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So I was going through my old video footage and I forgot all about this one! I meant to post this in the early fall but it slipped my mind so here is a little bonus tying video. Makes me miss my tying gear even more (hopefully in the new house and unpacked by late February!)

Here it is:
The Quill Body Humpy “Quillimodo”
Tail: moose body
Thread: UTC 70 yellow
Body: Stripped peacock quill and 2mm sheet foam
Wings: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Furnace and Grizzly
UV Resin.

Great fly to take advantage of the look of a quill body fly with the buoyancy and visibility of the classic Humpy. I hope this helps all my tying friends get through the cold dark of January!
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Humpy tied by Lance Dean

Back in my early days of tying flies, the Humpy was one of the dry fly patterns I loved to tie. Not only is the easy to keep afloat, but it is also easy to modify into some interesting variations. Lance Dean’s fluorescent pink version is definitely something you won’t miss in the riffles.

One of my favorite variations of the Humpy is the Royal Humpy. The body is tied with a band of red floss between peacock herl. Another variation I enjoy is using a strip of 2mm closed cell foam for the shellback. What variations have you tied? Let me know in the comments.

Humpy fly pattern recipe

Hook: TCM 100 size 14
Thread: UTC 140 Fl. Pink
Tail: Moose body hair
Wing: Yearling elk hair
Shell: Yearling elk hair
Underbody: UTC 140 Fl. Pink
Hackle: Grizzly and brown (or Cree) saddle hackle
Head: Thread w/ cement


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