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Canadian Hopper – Donald “Chubby” McChubbin

How can you not love the nickname Chubby. This is a simple hopper pattern for the late summer and into the fall. This won’t float like the foam hoppers, but should present as a nice drowned hopper. It should be good for some hard heavy takes just below the surface.

Hook: Hopper 3xl curved shank #1270
Thread: 6/0 yellow
Tail: Red hackle fibers
Body: Orange wool
Rib: Yellow floss
Wing: Turkey quill
Head: spun and clipped deer body hair


Theo’s Extra Terrestrial – CO Skies Outfitters

Sorry, I have no clue as to who Theo is, but he ties a mean looking hopper. I really like the Loco-foam on the pattern, but it actually reminds me more of a cricket than a hopper (same thing, or close enough) at least in my local anyhow. With all the dry weather we have had in my neck of the woods, I’m expecting quite a few of the hoppy little critters to end up on a float downstream. I’ll be trying out this along with a few other hoppers (expect to see more posted) for the fall season. Enjoy, and be sure you are stocked up on crazy glue.



Shark Taco Hopper – Curtis Fry

This is a really cool concept for a hopper, and while I’m not entirely sold on the bright pink and yellow, a more natural color combination would be something of beauty. There are a ton of great tips in the video, and i would say my favorite is the trick with the built in indicator. No worries about sinking that fly, it’s float through the whitest froth you can find.