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Ebay – Hooked Edition

I’ve been finding a lot of great hook auctions lately from dome of my favorite brands like Willis, Sealey and Partridge. Below is a sample of some of the best.

1. I found this rare auction for Willis 10xl Antique streamer hooks and am keeping an eagle eye on it. The seller chbfisher has posted some really wonderful hook auctions over the past month. The hook include Ron Reinhold salmon irons, castle arms Allcocks streamers, Willis hooks and some huge Partridge 9/0 hooks.

Vintage John Willis & son streamer hooks #2 10XL

2. Keeping along the Willis theme, there is also a cache of Willis salmon, dry fly and streamer hooks being offered by fisherjohnsr. Keep this seller bookmarked as I’ve seen a steady stream of Willis being sold here. For anyone wanting to find a few nice antique hooks to tie on, here is the spot.

Alfred Willis & Sons Ltd. “W” Brand medium long size 16 fly hooks

4. bobfly.2007 is another of my favorite sellers because of the nice feathers he sells and the small lots of blind eye salmon hooks. Keep this book marke to pick up some rarer feather assortments and blind eye salmon hooks.

Partridge,Harrison Bartleet,Mustad & Son. Hook Assortment

4. I found this seller who has a ton of Partridge hooks and Mustad hooks. A lot of these like the Partridge CS10/3 Blind eye Bartleet hooks are no longer being made. The starting prices are set low, so there is lots of potential for some good buys. The Auction titles aren’t great, so look for hidden gems with this seller engravedstones.

Partridge Carrie Stevens Hooks

As always, Happy Bidding!


For the Streamer Aficionado

I’m huge into the long irons, and no I’m not talking about about hitting a #2 down a 500 yard fairway, I’m speaking of the 4xl, 6xl, 8xl and even the 10xl streamers I love to tie. Chris Del Plato , an authority on the subject and one of the most respected tyers of streamers, has put together a great spot for streamer buffs. You can visit the site at http://streamerlist.ning.com/ and it features a forum, profile pages, image galleries, a chat room and more. The site has garnered the attention of some great tyers and there is a ton of eye candy already uploaded. See you there.

Grey Ghost by Emmett Johnson
Grey Ghost by Emmett Johnson

In Memoriam Carrie Stevens – A tribute

In 2005 , members of the Fly Tying Forum (http://flytyingforum.com) put together a sampling of New England or Rangely styled streamers popularized by Carrie Stevens. I’m a huge fan of this classic styling of the streamer, and tie a few myself. Carrie was a commercial fly tyer and is credited with popularizing over 100 patterns in the style.

Click here to visit and enjoy the entire collection – http://www.ronnlucassr.com/CSM/memoriam.htm


The Grey Ghost tied by Plumbob – A stunning example.