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Rangeley Streamer Wallpaper

The newest Fly Fusion wallpaper has just been posted. This one features tyer Darren MacEachern and his twist of the classic Demon Rangeley streamer.

Demon - Darren MacEachern
Demon - Darren MacEachern

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The Demon

Hook: Partridge CS15 #4-#2/0
Thread: White
Tag: 3 turns silver tinsel
Body: Orange silk / floss
Rib: Silver tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Underwing: 4-6 strands of peacock herl
Wing: 2 matching pairs of grizzly cape hackle
Shoulder: Silver Pheasant body feather
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black thread with a band of red or orange thread as tied by Carrie Stevens


The Dirt Dart

Have you tied with Bird Fur yet? Richard Strolis has and he has a nice pattern to share. I’ve been using Whiting’s Bird Fur for a couple of patterns, mainly leeches in black, olive and claret. So if your not sure exactly what bird fur is, listen up. Whiting has been developing a line of birds specifically for the spey market. They brought out a line of birds a few years ago under the spey hackle name, and the bird fur comes from the low (bronze) graded saddles. The lines isn’t quite ready in my opinion for spey flies as the stems are much too thin. With some more selective breeding the line will surely improve. I’m eagerly awaiting improvements in the line.

Back to the pattern, the Dirt Dart takes full advantage of the marabou-like movement and would be perfect for bass, pike and bull trout.

The Dirt Dart
The Dirt Dart

Click here to view the video – http://vimeo.com/1985616