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Marty Howard Tutorials

I just recieved an email from HMH with a great cache of patterns and tutorials done by pro-staffer Marty Howard. There are 55 tutorials available, enough to keep you busy for some time, filling up your steelhead and salmon fly boxes.

My apologies for the long absence. I’ve had some medical issues lately and decided to take a break from posting while I was recovering. Lots of great stuff in the can though.


The Care and Handling of your HMH Vise

I tied on an HMH Pro for a couple years and I still do use it for my largest and smallest flies. The interchangeable jaws for for the large and small flies just can’t be beat. If it wasn’t for the Griffin Montana Mongoose, I’d still be tying on it everyday. HMH has just posted up a video on how to properly set up your new HMH. I wish it was around when I first started tying with one. It would have sped up the learning curve.