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Header Fly Finds New Home

I’ve finally found a suitable frame for the artwork sent to me by Jeff from Drawing Flies 365 of the header fly for the blog. I framed up the painting with the original fly mounted in the corner. Now I was all set to hang this in my tying room when my wife walked in and demanded suggested I should hang it in a more public view. I’m game for that. This is a great step for her, and it will be only the second piece of fly tying art displayed outside my room (Which is saturated). The other would be a set of Sarah Briston prints with Damian Walsh’s flies as the subject. Come to think of it, I did have more art around that seems to have disappeared on the last move. I can’t find my set of saltwater chalk drawings signed by DL, Clouser and Lefty. If you see them up for auction again, let me know.

Header Fly Framed

Thanks again Jeff.


Thanks Jeff!

It arrived in the mail and now I just have to find a suitable frame. Jeff from Drawing Flies 365 was kind enough to send me the original artwork he did for the header fly. So now the plan is to frame it up with the original fly. No that they are side by side, the artwork is even more impressive. Make sure to drop by Jeff’s site and get an update on the work he is doing. I’m also waiting anxiously for his Brook pinup project to become available. 

Header fly and artwork