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Squamish Poacher – Joe Kambietz

I love these big prawns for throwing at the Pacific salmon species. The Squamish Poacher is a pretty standard prawn in a number of colors, greens, orange and black seem to occupy quite a few boxes. The Laser Wrap might be tough to get your hands on these days as last I had heard, the company that produced it was no longer in the Laser Wrap business (please let me know if this has changed). If you plan to make a few of these, I would suggest cutting a template for the carapice shape and have them cut out ahead of time. Looking forward to seeing more big flies from Joe at Fantastic Flies.



CDC Green McKenzie Caddis

I’m spending the day filling up some large holes in my dry fly box. I’m thinking that this little beauty will find a few slits to call home. It’s been a really long winter and I need to hit some familiar water soon. The video features Marc Petitjean’s new bobbin with a built in dubbing loop as well as his magic tool. I’ll be tying these a bit smaller and I’ll probably not use the magic tool, but the foam body and CDC should be a good combo. Tight Lines.