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Perfect Woolly

With countless variations of this fly out in the wild, I’m always surprised to see new ones pop up. Raoul Kempkes ties a mean bugger, and Wow, talk about an organized box. A couple things I really like about this pattern is are the use of a dubbed body in place of the chenille and the use of chickabou. Chickabou is really much better suited than turkey marabou for the tails of leech patterns. Besides that, there are not a lot of grizzly turkeys around yet. Grizzly Turkey, now that would spawn some wicked marabou.

From the good folks at Global Fly Fisher and Raoul Kempkes, the Perfect Woolly.

Perfect Woolly - Raoul Kempkes
Perfect Woolly - Raoul Kempkes

Chuck's Flutterstone

Here is a fresh new western pattern from Global Fly Fisher contributor Charles Robinton called Chuck’s FlutterStone. Being stuck in the east, I don’t tie up a lot of Pteronarcys californica imitations, but I model some smaller flies after many of the patterns and fish them during local caddis hatches. The pattern is fairly straight forward and is accompanied by a detailed step by step tutorial. The half bullet head is a nice touch, leaving the orange underbody exposed and ready to attract some hungry trowts.

Click here for the story and step by step tutorial.

Chucks FlutterStone
Chucks FlutterStone


Riding Dirty

The Dirty White is another great looking tube that uses a bit of fox ( a material that I am growing to love) in the wing section. The fly was designed by Danish tyer Ken Bonde and is finished nicely with a couple wraps of mallard in a somewhat Templedog style fly. A great looking fly for Salmon and Steelhead.

The Dirty White Tube
The Dirty White Tube

The Dirty White via Global Fly Fisher
Tube: Half inch clear tube with inner tube (FITS)
Thread: White
Tail: Pale yellow Antron
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Silver flash dubbing
Body hackle: Badger
Wing: flash Pale yellow twinkle flash
First wing section: Yellow Arctic fox
Wing flash: Silver Angel Hair
Second wing section: Silver fox – gray tipped
Front hackle: Mallard, natural
Cone: Flat silver dish