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Cone Head Foxy Crystal Bugger

The Conehead Foxy Crystal Bugger is a departure from the original black and olive bugger Russell Blessing first cast many years ago. I use dyed fox tail hair in place of marabou. It maintains most of the action of marabou and adds extra durability for fishing hard-hitting trout and bass.

You can tie this in any of the standard Woolly Bugger colors such as the traditional black & olive, purple, claret, white, Chilli Pepper (brown and orange), browns or any combination. The cone, along with some extra body weight ensures this fly sinks deep and fast, perfect for stillwater or floating down the river.

Throw this fly at trout, bass, anything you think might take a swipe. Buggers have been tied to represent many prey items such as helgramites, minnows, crayfish, stonefly nymphs, amphibians or leeches.

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Cone Head Foxy Crystal Bugger

Hook: 3-4xl Streamer hook Mustad 9672
Bead: 5mm Brass cone
Thread: Olive 6/0 (140 d)
Tail: Olive fox tail hair
Flash: Pearl crystal flash
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Olive Estaz
Hackle: Olive saddle hackle


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Coastal Blue – Jay Nicholas – Spey Iron Steelhead Fly Series

Caddis Fly Shop is now putting together a series of steelhead flies and this is one of the first in the series and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it. The fly is pretty standard, but Jay does create a custom dubbing blend for the body of this fly using STS and a touch of Ice dub. Purple STS, Black STS, steely Blue STS and silver ice dub is what I think he used here. The STS is a nice budding, but I find it a bit bright for most applications and I like to blend it with natural hairs like fox tail under fur, seal or polar bear under fur. I’m always in favor of using Coq de Leon feathers, the speckling of the feathers add a natural look to the fly.

Hook: Alec Jackson #3 Heavy Spey
Thread: Lagartun 95D
Tail: Blue fox and pearl crystal flash
Rib: Oval gold small
Body: Purple custom dub (STS blend)
Hackle: Coq de Leon saddle
Wing: White fox with pearl crystal flash
Head: Black


Sweeney Todd – Davie McPhail

Davie is a magical tyer and I always love to watch this master at work. This is a great salmon / steelhead pattern tied up on one of Alec Jackson’s steelhead irons, a nice hook to tie on. I’ve got a couple tied up for the fall to try out on the great lakes tribs. Let’s see them pass this one up. If you don’t have the Bug Bond product Davie uses, you could also use Tuffleye, Clear Goo or knotsense for this application.

Hook: Alec Jackson Steelhead
Thread: Hot pink UTC 140
Rib: Silver Oval tinsel
Body: Black floss rear 2/3, pink Globrite floss (set with bug bond resin) 1/3
Wing: Black dyed sliver fox with grizzly hackle lateral lines (cheek)
Beard: Red dyed fox hair
Eye: Stick on eye
Head: Uni 8/0 black, Epoxy or light set resin