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Floating Nymph – Ryan Spillers

This pattern reminds me of a pattern I used to tie, but didn’t have much luck with when I first started fly fishing. My attempts at the fly were done on a straight shank hook, (first mistake) and used a bulky 3mm foam. I also tied it for stillwaters, but I have never tried it on a stream. I like the wingcase here as well as it could serve somewhat as an indicator if you use some brighter colors on it. I know a few spots this would work well on my home streams and will tie a few for the emerger box.

Hook: Scud hook Daiichi 1130
Thread: 8/0
Tail: Turkey tail
Body: Turkey tail
Rib: Copper wire
Wing Case: 2mm foam yellow and black (or to pattern)
Thorax: Turkey tail fluff


Shark Taco Hopper – Curtis Fry

This is a really cool concept for a hopper, and while I’m not entirely sold on the bright pink and yellow, a more natural color combination would be something of beauty. There are a ton of great tips in the video, and i would say my favorite is the trick with the built in indicator. No worries about sinking that fly, it’s float through the whitest froth you can find.



Chernobyl Hopper – Roman Moser

This version of the Chernobyl Hopper is quite a bit different from the one I grew up with. This is an interesting version of the fly with 2 different colors of legs and the deer hair wing. The dubbing looks great on this fly as well. The narration is in Russian, but you should be able to follow watching the video. If you like the Chernobyl Hopper, you should also check out the Chernobyl Ant, a pattern I’ve had tons of success on in the past.