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Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy by Mid-Life Flysis

Fly Tying: “Quillimodo” The Quill Body Yellow Humpy

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So I was going through my old video footage and I forgot all about this one! I meant to post this in the early fall but it slipped my mind so here is a little bonus tying video. Makes me miss my tying gear even more (hopefully in the new house and unpacked by late February!)

Here it is:
The Quill Body Humpy “Quillimodo”
Tail: moose body
Thread: UTC 70 yellow
Body: Stripped peacock quill and 2mm sheet foam
Wings: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Furnace and Grizzly
UV Resin.

Great fly to take advantage of the look of a quill body fly with the buoyancy and visibility of the classic Humpy. I hope this helps all my tying friends get through the cold dark of January!
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Pink Chewy Chubby tied by Alyssa Halls of Owl Creek Flies

From the bench at the Fly Shop of the Bighorns located in Sheridan, WY comes season 2 of Zach Andres’ fly tying series. This video features tyer Alyssa Halls of Owl Creek Flies. Owl Creek has some truly drool worthy dyed feathers for sale in their shop, and occasionally on eBay. The Chewy Chubby (Chernobyl?) is tied in the vein of a Chernobyl Ant and featured a bright segmented pink belly. Pink and brown foam is stacked, fused and cut for the body to give it the layered look. The legs are tied on high should sit twitching in the water surface. The hi-vis wing (post) makes sure that the fly is visible in a variety of light conditions, but isn’t visible to the fish below. They also have tan, brown, peach and purple variations of the pattern available in their shop.

Pink Chewy Chubby Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad 1x fine, 3xl dry fly hook, size #10
Thread: UNI 6/0 thread
Belly: 2mm Foam (for belly)
Back: Fused Foam, 4mm
Legs:Medium Barred Rubber Legs
Wing: E.P. Fibers
Head: 2mm Foam (for post)
Glue: Zap a Gap Brush-on

You can follow Zach Andres on vimeo and catch up on the first season of the show.

Pink Chewy Chubby, a segmented-foam-belly hopper pattern with an EP fiber wing. Photograph by Alyssa Halls of Owl Creek Flies.
Pink Chewy Chubby – Photograph by Alyssa Halls of Owl Creek Flies.