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Pishtech Real World Fly Fishing Game

What better way to chase away shack nasties than to go land a few bass, steelhead or cutties. I started playing this game last year, but I have an older version than the version 3 in the demo video. The new fly tying feature looks like it add an interesting spin on the game and I’m curious to see how that all works. Another cool feature is that you can download some additional fishing spots via the Pishtech site. You can download this for 40 bucks or if you want the CD, pay an extra 10 and have it shipped out. I’m not going to upgrade quite yet, but I think I’m going to log off here and go try and catch some steelhead.

Pishtech, if you are reading, please send me an up to date version so I can give it a proper review. 🙂 For more info, visit Pishtech on the Internets


Flysource – Fly Tying for the Limewire Crowd

Kevin Umback created Flysource (originally packaged as flyshare) to allow fly tyers from around the globe to be able to trade and share fly patterns in an easy to use standard file format. Basically it works the same as Napster or Limewire in that in order to find and download patterns, you need to log into a net server where other tyers are logged in. You can then see a list of available patterns and select the ones you would like to download. The software allows you to create patterns without being connected to the server, and some sites support the .fly format and allow you to download pattern files to use with the software.

Screenshot of Flysource

To sign up and start sharing, head over to flysource.net. There is a short sign up process, but it’s quick and worth access to this resource. You can also find extra content in the download section of the site or on the forums at http://flyangler.ca and http://flyfishcalgary.com. I have some 1600 patterns in my program stored right now, and I find it to be an invaluable source of information.


Tying an Intruder Speystyle Tube

Picked up from a search on Youtube. Here is a fly tied by Charlie Piette from Tight Lines FF Co. He’s tying up an Ed Ward’s Intruder. The Inturder style flies are really cool to tie, but the fact of the matter is that there just isn’t enough Spey fly content out there in video form yet. Take this as a hint to get out the hd cams, digital cams or even your camera phone and start shooting some Spey fly tying footage and post it to one of the video serving sites out there. Let’s see those traditional Speys, Dees, Intruders, conversions, Violators, Penetrators, Interloopers  and prowlers. 

Here is Charlie’s fly. Enjoy.