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RIP Richard ‘Uncle Dickie’ Talleur (1931-2011)

It’s sad new that landed in my inbox this morning. I’ve just learned that Dick Talleur has passed away after a short illness. Dick had a prolific career in the fly fishing industry, and leaves behind scores of friends and acquaintances in the field. Dick was truly dedicated to the art of fly tying and has produced a great library of books and videos. His book, “Talleur’s Basic Fly Tying – A Beginner’s Benchside Reference”, was my first fly tying book, and I spent many nights studying the pages, tying the flies and absorbing the newfound addiction.

His departure will leave a gaping hole in the fly tying world. We’ll miss his quirky flies along with his effortless masterful skills.

Rest well dear friend of the vise.

Richard "uncle Dickie" Talleur
Dick Talleur Daiichi Hooks 2370
Dick Talleur Daiichi Hooks 2370

Bleeding Schlappen Leech – Darren MacEachern

Leeches are a staple food item for trout in lakes and streams. I have often heard them described as dessert for feeding trout. This pattern came about because I wanted a heavier version of a Woolly Bugger with out adding lead or expensive metal beads. In bright sunny conditions, this pattern glows due to the silver-lined beads. While glass beads don’t weigh much, the amount used in the pattern creates a quick sinking treat for trout. I tie this in a light tan, purple, and olive as well as the black.


Bleeding Schlappen Leech
Bleeding Schlappen Leech

The Bleeding Schlappen Leech
Originated by Darren MacEachern
Tied by Darren MacEachern

Hook: 4xl streamer hook size 2 – 12.
Thread: Black 8/0 (70 Denier)
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Red Silver-lined Glass Beads
Hackle: Peacock Black Schlappen
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