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Bullet Head Madam X

Here is another great video from Youtube. Here we have a classic Madam X, a pattern tied with a bullet head. This video is well done and has a few things going for it like the explanation and demonstration of using the bullet head tool and well, the vise is tops in my books. Another little tip I picked up was the application of the legs. It’s a bit different than I’ve seen but effective none the less. the barred rubber legs are another material I have been using more of this year for some of my larger dry patterns and my Bass flies as well.



WD40 Midge- Tutorial Video

Aaron Jasper takes us through the steps to create a clean effective WD40 midge. It’s a quick fly to tie and you could bang off a couple dozen in an hour. Change up the body colors and the thorax colors to get a wide variety of flies to stock your box.

Hook: Curved Scud #10-22
Thread: Brown Olive 6/0
Tail: Brown Darlon or Z-lon
Body: Brown Olive 6/0
Wingcase: Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Thorax: Grey Superfine Dubbing