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Badger Matuka – Banana Martinez

Perhaps the nickname is lost in translation, I can’t say I’ve ever met a “Banana”. This is a pretty interesting presentation for a fly tying video, and although my Spanish is non-existent, it’s pretty easy to follow. Matuka patterns are really great, but I tend to not tie them because they take a bit of extra time and patience. The best thing about them IMO is that you don’t need to worry about long wings getting fouled in the hook. One other thing to note, you may not want to put feathers in your mouth, if you need to have them damp, have a glass of water close by. Unless you prepared the feathers yourself, there could be any number of unsavory items in the material.



Rosetta Stoned – outsmartingfish.com

here is a killer little golden stone nymph from the minds over at outsmartingfish.com. This pattern hits almost all my check for a goto stone pattern. The only small modifications I might make are a slightly curved shanks hook and if you have them, the Nymph Head beads from FlyMen Fishing Co.. Looking forward to seeing more videos from the outsmartingfish.com team.