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Owl Jones Fly tying Contest Now Underway

If you haven’t yet checked out owljones.com here is your chance. He is hosting a fly tying contest open to amateurs and pros alike. There is lewtz to be had, and they will also be drawing a name from all those who enter to win all the flies submitted. That sounds like a great prize for sure. just for entering the contest, you will also get a gift certificate from JStockard and they are supplies a few more prizes for the winners.

The contest ends March 31st, so be sure to get busy and submit some flies sooner rather than later. You can see the rules and prizes listed here. There is nothing to lose here, so get busy on your vise.


Fifth Annual Pink Fly Contest

Fifth Annual Pink Fly Contest via Streamerlist.com

It is that time of year again – time for THE PINK FLY CONTEST. For those who are not acquainted with the PINK FLY CONTEST here are a few details. The contest was started by Janet and Bill Thompson of the North Country Angler in North Conway, New Hampshire. The idea is simple; raise funds for Casting for Recovery. Casting for Recovery is a national organization that holds fly fishing outings for breast cancer survivors.

The rules are simple: you tie a fly using a lot of pink colored materials. You send the fly to one of the participating fly shops along with $5. The $5 entry fee goes to casting for recovery; the entire five bucks. Over the last four years we have raised over $4000 for CFR.

All flies must be entered by February 28, 2011. That means they must be in the possession of one of the participating fly shops by that date. All of the flies will be displayed at the Pelham Fish & Game Club / Merrimak Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing Show on March 5th and 6th http://www.merrimacktu.org/NL/2008decNewsletter.pdf & http://www.pelhamfishandgame.com/ , the winners will be chosen at the show. Winning flies are judged by the best use of the color pink. There will be a first and second prize. All of the flies will be donated to Casting for recovery. Tiers who wish to have their flies returned may do so; however a self addressed envelope with appropriate postage must be included. We will take checks or cash; checks should be made out to Casting for Recovery.
This year, at present, there are four fly shops participating in the contest. Flies may be sent off, dropped off or mailed to the following shops:

North Country Angler
P. O. Box 1901
2888 White Mountain Hwy.
North Conway, NH 03860

Stone River Outfitters
132 Bedford Center Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop
1480 US RT One
Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Hanover Outdoors
17 ½ Lebanon Street
Hanover, NH 03755

Good luck to everyone who enters, and kudos for those who help support the worthy causes such as Casting for Recovery. If I can tie something as nice as Chris Del Plato’s Candace the Conquerer, I might have to keep it for myself and just send in a check.

Candace the Conquerer by Chris Del Plato
Candace the Conquerer by Chris Del Plato

Eumer Tube Fly Contest.

Eumer has introduced a new contest for all tube fly tyers. Themes will be posted on their Facebook page and you can check out the complete rules on the Eumer Contest page. http://eumertube.com/Tube_Fly_Contest.php

There are a few entries up already on the Facebook page to check out. The winner gets a shiny new tube fly vise.

Good luck!