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Tied to a Memory

There just isn’t enough music dedicated to the art of tying flies. I’ve never heard Mr Alan Cayn sing before, but this song just brings up a whole slew of memories of my own father tying flies at his desk while I watched as a child. That is a little strange to me though, as my father never tied a fly in his life.

Definitely worth a listen.

Tied To The Memory is a fictional account of a woman in her later years remembering her father as she’s tying a trout fly. Although fictional many people have expressed to Alan how true these lyrics are to their own memories. This is an original song by Alan Cayn.


Salmon Flies by Ed Muzeroll

More Flickr Gold. This is a 23 image collection of Ed “Muzzy” Muzeroll’s classic creations. The collection of Atlantic Salmon flies is truly impressive, with excellent composition and use of color. I’ve seen a few of his streamers recently as well and they are just as impressive. Be sure to visit the streamer list to view some of his other work.

Click here for the slideshow

Ed Muzeroll Atlantic Salmon Fly

Click the image below to view his streamer patterns on the Streamer List.

Canary Tied by Ed Muzeroll


Bob Quigley Flies on EBay

It’s been a while since I’ve seen much on EBay. The pickings are slim, but I did manage to find a cool looking set of Bob Quigley flies. This auction has 3 sets of flies including some of the famous Quigley Cripples. The sets are # 6 Green Drake Mayfly; #8 Orange Caddis; #10 Hexagenia Mayfly Series. Each frame is signed and dated. This would be a cool set to have hanging on the walls of the tying room.




Click here for the auction – Starts at 75 bucks.

*I am in no way affiliated with the seller.