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Salmon Flies by Ed Muzeroll

More Flickr Gold. This is a 23 image collection of Ed “Muzzy” Muzeroll’s classic creations. The collection of Atlantic Salmon flies is truly impressive, with excellent composition and use of color. I’ve seen a few of his streamers recently as well and they are just as impressive. Be sure to visit the streamer list to view some of his other work.

Click here for the slideshow

Ed Muzeroll Atlantic Salmon Fly

Click the image below to view his streamer patterns on the Streamer List.

Canary Tied by Ed Muzeroll


Al Troth Montana Collection

AL Throth\'s Montana Collection

Al Troth is credited with the creation of the Elk Hair Caddis, a staple pattern in many fly boxes including my own. So when I seen this eBay auction come up I got excited. This collection includes a signed card with 13 of Al’s flies, 6 being EHC variations. If you want to bid, do it quick as the auction ends tonight at 7:30 PDT. I’m not affiliated with the seller, I just think this would be a great addition to any collector’s cashe.


Al Troth Signature


Rare Lew Oatman fly for sale on EBay

I’m constantly on the lookout for flies tied by some of the past masters. Lew Oatman is one who has inspired me with his somewhat unique take on the streamer. the one here for sale is called a Perch. It is just a bit too rich (120 incl shipping) for me at this moment, but I think that some lucky tyer would love to add it to their collection. On a related note, I narrowly missed winning a Warren Duncan fly recently. Just missed by seconds really. 🙁 Some other notable flies I have seen recently are Art Flick dries, Helen Shaw dries and there are even a few Bob Clouser originals on there.

Lew Oatman Streamer

Lew Oatman Perch Streamer