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Ant Acid – Galloup

Here is another pattern from The Weekly Fly and Kelly Galloup. As always, Kelly does a great job explaining the methods behind the fly and offers a good demonstration about using the right amount of dubbing, something we all often use too much of. This is an ant pattern by name, but looks like a perfect pattern to try out where caddis or sedge lurk.


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Dan Delekta's Delektable™ CDC Elk Hair Caddis

I love fishing dries and I’m always looking for new interesting caddis patterns. Dan designs fly patterns for Riverborn Fly Company in Boise Idaho, and this is just one of 200 patterns he has under his belt. One interesting point to note is the way that this fly is finished, using a bit of superglue to secure the thread. The glue is cool, but really, I need at least a couple half hitches to be sure it isn’t going to fly apart. Regardless, it’s a nifty pattern and one I’ll be adding to my “try me” fly box. This video is provided by The Weekly Fly, visit http://www.theweeklyfly.com/index.php/TheWeeklyFly/2009/06/29/dan-delekta-s-delektable-cdc-elk-hair-ca to watch the video.



Alexandria – McPhail

This is one of my all time favourite flies. I really like the marabou tail Davie uses, and will try this on the next tie. I normally tie mine using hackle fibers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted up one of Davies flies, but if you have time, check out his entire offering on youtube, he has the best selection, quality and variety of tying styles out there.