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Loon Live – September 20, 2018 by Loon Outdoors

Loon Live – September 20, 2018

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, anglers of all ages… we are proud to present to you two very special guests on Loon Live this week!

From hunting for fictional species of fish to posting videos hosted by fictional family members, these guys are the real deal. Cheech and Curtis, the geniuses behind Fly Fish Food, remind us how much fun fishing and fly tying can be. Developing a distinct and recognizable style as a tyer is tough, but these guys work with unparalleled creativity at the vise. In short: we are huge fans.

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The Fly Fishing Show – DENVER, Colorado by Fly Fish Food

The Fly Fishing Show – DENVER, Colorado

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We hit the Denver Fly Fishing show with the guys at Fulling Mill…
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Fly Tying Friday’s: The Complex Twist Bugger by Anglers All

This fly designed by Clark Pierce aka “Checch” is a unique but simple tie utilizing the existing materials to create a quick dubbing brush that’s durable and easy to tie. Our warehouse manager, Ben Baxter is a big fan of this tie and was happy to sit down and knock a few out for our subscribers. Check out the list of materials below all available at anglersall.com!

Hook: Daichi 2461 — #4
Thread: Danville’s 210 — Black
Cone: Medium — Tungsten or Brass
Tail: Select Marabou — Dark Brown
Body: Strung Schlappen — Brown & Black
UV Polar Chenille — Olive
Collar: Hairline “Bruiser Blend” Dubbing — UV Tan

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