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KOTV Round #2 Underway


Click the link above and cast your votes. (You will need to be registered on the forum to vote) There were some great entries in this round. The tyers certainly stepped up their game for this round. I really slacked on my entry in round 1 thinking I could float into the next round, But I was wrong. Good luck to all the contestants.



New Fly Tying Contest Open – Homage Patterns Contest

It’s time to pay homage to those who have inspired you in the past by tying a pattern in their honor to submit to the latest fly tying contest at Fly Fish Calgary. Remember, you’re not just representing your self, but also the legend behind the fly. No pressure. Some examples – Jack Dennis / Kiwi Muddler, Gary Lafontaine / Deep Sparkle Pupa or John Barr / Copper John. There are tons of great proven flies out there, so pick up your bobbin and mount one in the vise.  


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